Low cost experiments

September 9, 2008

Who is Chung Lee?


Johnny Chung Lee is a computer engineer and researcher of the HCII – Carnegie Mellon Uneversity. He’s working on so many projects, but I’m going to talk about that in which he uses the wii remote control. Better if you watch it by yourself, and much better if he explains you everything by himself. Please, check anyone of these videos, you’ll get a general idea of his works:


One of these videos shows how to build a head tracking just downloading a library and running a program on a computer connected to the WiiRemote, that’s all. Very easy. Incredible, isn’t it? All you have to spend is 5 euros to buy a couple of infrareds (if you don’t want to use the wii bar or you just have the WiiRemote – it costs usually around 30 eur). I promise you it’s very easy and it works because I saw with my own eyes a friend of mine making it just in 15 minutes. (Of course, the library and the program he used was already done, but you can find it all on Internet without any problem)

When you conect the WiiRemote to the computer, it starts sending 3 sorts of information to the machine by bluetooth: position, angle and acceleration. If you turn down the remote the numerical info becomes negative, everything seems very logical. I suposed it shouldn’t be complicated for an engenieer to develop a program with an input based on the WiiRemote, so I looked through youtube for amateur experiments and I found too many videos about crazy machines controled with the WiiRemote. Just look for “WiiRemote” on Youtube, you’ll be surprised…

Here an example:

WiiMote DJ, nice idea, but did you see in this video WHAT is using the VJ???



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