Step by step: Build your own butler robot!!

September 10, 2008

Internet has no limits. Please, if you have a little time check this web:


You won’t belive it.

Step by step: how to build a humanoid robot with atificial intelligence and voice recognition:http://www.instructables.com/id/SQW5SPQFI42NF2C/

And so much! You’ll find so many crazy home-made projects. Maybe, in large projects, you’ll have some problems to find the pieces and then, when you finally get them, you realize they’re so much expensive (specially if you don’t live in UK or USA) Perhaps, if you have experience with electronics, you can replace them. Anyway, this web is a great source of knowledge and inspiration!!

There are also more simple tutorials you can follow easily, and some of them are completly analogstyle. For example, a usb stick made with a LEGO piece, or “butter-pen”, an invention to put butter on all kinds of surfaces without using a knive (so you don’t need to clean it afterwards)


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