Clean conscience vehicles

September 11, 2008

BP Solar is leader in Australia providing solar power solutions and reducing reliance on fossil-fuelled power sources. WHY am I talking about this staff? I’ll tell you. If you check their website (http://www.bpexplorer.com.au/) you’ll see they are using an innovative way to promote their product: they’ve built an interactive real-time game on which you can drive a tiny car armed with a webcam, you manage the whole vehicle using the pad controlls and it’s able to move all around a tiny model of Australia. But the best thing is all the cars are powered by solar panels.

I’ve tried the experiment and it’s funny, you can also take some pictures from the point of view of the car and then save them. Maybe you all will think I’m “too easy”, but the most amazing thing for me is to think I’m moving something in Australia from my bed in Spain!

I think it’s a great promotion and it reminds me the earlier projects of Eduardo Kac, so visit it now it’s still working. it’s a simple, fast and curios experience.

Here are some photos I took “on the roll”:


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