Touchlib – open source finger tracking software

February 23, 2009

home made multitouch pad with shadows:

The distance between the camera and the paper determines surface size. Download touchlib from http://www.whitenoiseaudio.com/touchlib/



  1. això, ben senzill, ben maco, una mica de guitarra una mica de cartró….

  2. i want the software

  3. hello world

  4. hahahahaha

  5. I Like This Soft Ware

  6. Por que no:)

  7. chootiye download link de…pls send me download link….

  8. thanks

  9. hi i like this softwere i wnt this softwere

  10. i whant this softwere my fvrt softwere i request u plz give me this softwere now

  11. plz give me now this softwere

  12. i mw8ting this softwere give me plz

  13. I want the software name of a multi touch pad to be installed in my pc

  14. this devise is very very very best i like this devise

  15. this project is very good idea

  16. i love this experiment

  17. hi sir. I am working in IITM. this technique is very useful so please can u send me that software to my mail id sir..

  18. plz give me link software by email…thx

  19. Hi,did u receive the link which i have sent to ur mail id.

  20. i want this software

  21. thanks, but the software link isn’t working

  22. Go to
    for software downloads..:)

  23. hello sir,
    i’m using w7, will this software work if yes would u plz send it to my id-abhu008@gmail.com

  24. Con u plz give me the link from where I can download that software
    It Would Great for me!

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